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Acino in Latin America is always looking for ways to get closer to patients and go the extra mile.


In 2016 the local team held a series of informal educational sessions in local hospitals and pharmacies to provide more information and prevention tips on two of the most common local – but also preventable – diseases: high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes.


Acino and the local team are committed not only to providing high-quality products with the highest ethical standards, but also going further for patients. Although these diseases are not associated with Acino products, we believe that patients need awareness and information on different diseases and to know how to prevent them – we can use our medical knowledge to make a difference in our local communities.

I am really thankful for this activity and I think patients were very motivated as they asked many questions and the message went through.

Itzel Tejeira, in charge of drugstore area in Complejo Hospitalario Arnulfo Arias Madrid, Panama

More than 100 patients were reached through the lectures at Complejo Hospitalario Arnulfo Arias Madrid, Panama. It is in this hospital where most of the patients treated rely on Panama’s welfare system, making the work even more important.


Using infographics and organizing for medical doctors to be available for questions made the important topic more engaging and approachable.


25 employees and an experienced sales force of more than 100 make up Acino in Latin America. Currently, Acino products are available for distributors, physicians and pharmacists in Ecuador, Central American countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Caribbean. Acino’s presence in Latin America allows more patients to improve their quality of life by having access to innovative drug delivery formulations under Acino brand.


We are recognized as a leading brand and Acino is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Central America.


Acino is a fast growing pharmaceutical retail company in Central America

Acino’s regional office for Latin America, located in Panama, has been established to manage its existing markets in Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Caribbean and its future expansion in the region.


Acino has set up a structure in Latin America to serve an increasing demand for high quality pharmaceuticals. Our products are characterized by their advanced drug delivery technology that ensures maximum effectiveness and convenience for patients. Therefore our mission is to expand health and wellbeing in the Latin American community.


Independent auditing firms, such as IMS, evaluate Acino’s performance in Central America to show one of the highest growth rates among pharmaceutical retail companies during the current year.

Acino is committed to continuous medical education as a priority for its business in Latin America.


We believe that an efficient health system can be developed if a general practitioner is able to assess a patient accurately so as to refer him/her to the right specialist.


Our team in Latin America has been providing further medical education for General Practitioners in the region with a series of summits, including lectures from international speakers.


The summits were named Cumbre Acino: Medicina de Altura (Acino Summit: High Quality Medicine). They provided scientific updates to General Practitioners who represent more than 40% of health practitioners in Central America and who are the first step in treating most patients.


These events were carried out in Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica and audience was around 100 to 150 practitioners per meeting. Scientific lectures were given by speakers from Spain, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica. Most of these lectures dealt with topics such as Chronic Pain Treatment: facts, myth and reality, as well as cardiovascular safety, antibiotics’ usage principles, gastro-protection and liver protection among others.


 Medical education events for General Practitioners are very important since they allow us to contribute to doctors’ learning through our own medical expertise.

Dr. Guillermo Veitia, Gastroenterologist

For Acino it was also an opportunity to get closer to more medical experts from the region. The team was able to listen to their thoughts and what they needed for their important roles.

This is another example of how Acino is using its medical and local knowledge to strengthen regional healthcare and support the communities and patients we serve.


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Programa Acino Art