Mixing COVID vaccines - good response

Mixing COVID vaccines - good response

Using different brands of COVID vaccines for first and second doses appears to give good protection against the pandemic virus, a UK study has found, BBC reports.


All combinations worked well, priming the immune system.


The Com-Cov study organized giving the doses four weeks apart in 850 volunteers aged 50 and above. Results:


  • AZ followed by Pfizer induced higher antibodies and T cell responses than Pfizer followed by AZ
  • Both of these mixes induced higher antibodies than two doses of AZ
  • The highest antibody response was seen after two doses of Pfizer, and the highest T cell response from AZ followed by Pfizer

The trial results also hint that people who have already received two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine could have a stronger immune response if they were given a different jab as a booster if recommended in the autumn.


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