Moderna's Omicron updated vaccine to be ready soon

Moderna's Omicron updated vaccine to be ready soon

Moderna is expected to have a new COVID-19 omicron booster shot by early 2022,  Reuters reports. The vaccine would carry genes specifically targeting mutations in the newly discovered Omicron variant .


Moderna President Stephen Hoge said Wednesday that the omicron vaccine booster shot will be ready for U.S. authorization close to March 2022. Hoge said this would be the quickest way to stop vaccine efficacy from waning.

Stéphane Bancel, the Moderna CEO, recently predicted that the current COVID-19 vaccines will be less effective against omicron, which will require vaccine developers to create a new vaccine, The Financial Times reported.


There is no world, I think, where (the effectiveness) is the same level  ... we had with (the) Delta (variant),” Bancel told the Financial Times.


Similarly, Pfizer said it will have an omicron-centered vaccine. But the booster shots to fight omicron will not be ready for about 100 days, or about three months.

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